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My name is Alfred Wood the owner of the Cultured Savage clothing, I developed the idea of my brand during my undergraduate years. At Winston Salem State University I discovered my passion for design, and love for the HBCU's. The HBCU community represents a unique identity and culture that is reflected in my business's branding and marketing efforts. As the owner of The Cultured Savage Clothing, there are several ways that I lead the charge:


As the owner of The Cultured Savage Clothing, there are several ways that we contribute to creating positive change in the HBCU community:

Supporting HBCUs: I actively support HBCUs by donating a portion of my profits to HBCU’s. In addition we are developing our “HBCU L.U.V.” program which will be promoting HBCU events, and partnering with HBCUs to support their initiatives.

Raising Awareness: I use my platform as an HBCU apparel company to raise awareness about the importance and value of HBCUs. By creating content on social media that highlights the accomplishments and successes of HBCU graduates, we educate people about the history and significance of these institutions.

Collaboration: I collaborate with other HBCU-affiliated businesses and organizations to create events, campaigns, and initiatives that promote HBCUs and support their students. As I develop our “HBCU L.U.V.” program we will be creating networking events for HBCU alumni, hosting HBCU-centered conferences or workshops, and partnering with other businesses to provide job opportunities for HBCU students/graduates.

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